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I've been writing poetry for twenty years; in fact, I completed my MA in English with an emphasis on creative writing, and my master's thesis was a poetry manuscript. While I've had many poems published in various magazines and journals, and even though I tried for years to get one of my many poetry manuscripts published, a novel was my first published book. Thus, I see myself as a poet and a novelist. A writer! This, for sure, is a strange and humbling journey to follow.

Freelance writing is the bread and butter of my writing career. (Repeat after me: it is VERY hard to make a living writing fiction, and poetry royalties may only buy a bag of groceries. Once a year.) The writing that pays my bills comes in multifarious forms: educational writing, ghostwriting, grant writing, and a little copywriting. I am also a teacher and grant writer who works as an independent contractor with People First Wisconsin, a self-advocacy organization for people with disabilities.  I teach a novel-writing boot camp and a poetry class with the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing.

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