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Some of my Books

What if you went to bed and lived another person's life in your sleep? What if your ancestors’ stories could be replayed in your dreams?


In This Most Amazing, fiery Dahlia, a poet embarking on new love, experiences scenes from the life of Vincenzo, an Italian soldier who, in 1797 Italy, deserts Napoleon Bonaparte's army. Thus, she blazes into the unknown, living through an alternate reality tethered to a life hundreds of years ago. How will she reconcile her own life path with Vincenzo's? Visit the Armida Books website to see the wonderful books published by my first publisher, which is in Cyprus. Greece. 


Enhanced is the first book of my young adult, science fiction trilogy published by Ananke Press. Check out the entire trilogy on the Ananke Press website.

My freelance writing business:

JB Communications, LLC

  • Novelist

  • Poet

  • Educational Writer

  • Grant Writer

  • Teacher 

The bird in my logo for JB Communications, LLC reminds me that any task can soar and is possible if chosen with a full heart to complete!

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My novel Heather Finch was published by Running Wild Press in July 2022. 

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